Finally Get Your Website Launched The Right Way

Been trying to get your website launched? Getting the runaround? It’s not the look you wanted? Your web designer took your money and ran? I’ll help you get it launched without all the technical nightmares and you’ll be able to update it yourself.

Daniel Brinneman

Hello, I’m Daniel

I am a freelance web designer of 12 years from Waxhaw, North Carolina, and I provide technical support on multiple web forums. I’m a photographer of sunsets, landscapes, vintage autos and urban exploration.

I specialize in creating custom self-hosted WordPress themes for small businesses.

I’m the guy that top online business owners like Doris Motte, Joey Osborne, Robin Chalkley, Dwayne Cogdill, and Aeri’s Kitchen brought in to work alongside them and finally get it done.

And I can do the same for you.

Daniel Brinneman

Here’s What My Clients Say

Brock Bumgarner, The Mosquito Authority
Daniel has been excellent to work with on several different web related projects at our company. His work is always very thorough, detailed, on time and a great value for your dollar. Will definitely continue working with him in the future!

Laci LeBlanc, The Mosquito Authority
Daniel is a unique mind with a great deal of skill when it comes to developing WordPress sites. He is on top of the newest developments and does a fantastic job of making the highly technical both understandable and accessible for us as clients.

Robin Chalkley, Winston-Salem Writers
I’m pleased to recommend Daniel for his thorough knowledge of website creation and his dedication to finding workable and satisfactory solutions when problems arise. He’s dedicated and stays focused on solutions.

Here’s Some Of The Projects I’ve Worked On

The Mosquito Authority
United Church of South Royalton
True Blue Carpet Cleaning

Here’s Why I’m Different From Other WordPress Theme Developers


I provide a half-hour free consultation to see where you are and what you really need. I have been burned at both ends so I use my experiences to protect you from going through those same pitfalls.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality counts, I’m not going to rush you out the door. I want to spend time on the details. If you’re not satisfied, I will work with you until you are happy with your website, within reason.

Customer Service

Customer service is important and to keep us on the same page, I collaborate with email, not through phone calls. I do meet you at least twice in the beginning to make the connection. I try to reply to emails within three business days.


I spend my free time reading about technology. I learn social media techniques so you don’t have to. I bring them down to your level of understanding based on what I’ve learned about you.

These Are The Web Design Packages I Offer

Subject to change

Custom Design Work

Maybe you have a limited budget, need custom work done on your existing website, and your budget doesn’t fit within Packages One-Six below?

Please do fill out the form below and let me know what your specific needs are and what your budget cap is. I look forward to hearing from you.

My current hourly rate is $50 flat for the first second to full hour followed by $50 per hour (per session/day hired).

On-Page and Local SEO Marketing Plan

This is a $300/month marketing plan for your WordPress website. It includes one required hour of site maintenance for keeping your WordPress, themes, and plugins updated. The other three hours are spent on making small changes to your website each month to get it listed organically with white hat techniques on the first page of Google search results. It will also get you listed on Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp. In addition to the monthly rate, there may be extra external services that you’ll need to budget for monthly such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.


Contractual Agreements

A signed contract is a must before my work begins on all packages listed below. I do expect you to suggest changes in the contract before it gets signed so that we equally know what we will do for each other. This is a seal of trust between us similar to a handshake back in the day.

Package One [Starts at: $300]

1 static page, with 3 sections (Brochure Site): Home, About, Contact

  • PHP flat-file CMS (no database) using Start Bootstrap
  • 3 free adjustments before public launch
  • Cosmetic updates @ $50/hour
  • Login account for editor to make changes to their website

Package Two [Starts at: $500]

5 static pages: Home, About, Contact, Portfolio, Post Single

  • PHP flat-file CMS (no database) using Start Bootstrap
  • 3 free adjustments before public launch
  • Cosmetic updates @ $50/hour
  • Login account for editor to make changes

Package Three [Starts at: $700]

5 dynamic pages on WordPress.com

  • Site hosted on WordPress.com and their pricing determines final price
  • Free or paid theme, no plugins
  • You are paying me for the setup only

Package Four [Starts at: $1500]

5 WordPress pages and a free/paid theme

  • WordPress.org self-hosted with free or paid theme (iThemes or WordPress repository)
  • Final price is determined by cost of plugins, hosting, domain name, theme and extra design adjustments.
  • You are paying me to set it up for you.

Package Five [Starts at: $2500]

5 WordPress pages and a custom-built WordPress theme

  • WordPress.org self-hosted with custom built theme
  • Cost of plugins and hosting not included in price
  • You are paying me for setup and creating a custom-built theme.

Package Six [Starts at: $3000]

5 WordPress pages, a custom-built WordPress theme, and WooCommerce store

  • WordPress.org self-hosted with custom built theme
  • Cost of plugins, hosting, domain name and SSL certificate, not included in final price
  • You are paying me to set it up for you and create a custom-built theme for you from scratch.
  • This package includes WooCommerce setup, first five products, the rest will be added by you (custom training video provided). We can work out the details if you need me to add all the products for you.

Which package do you need? Fill out the form below to get started today!