Louise Derr – Bible Science Books for Children

Louise Derr is an author of three books.

Designed with WordPress 3.1, Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, extra PHP coding for a dynamic homepage. In this project, I “raised the bar” and met the goals set for myself.

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Lynchburg Regional Airshow

A WordPress design for site and blog. Using EventBrite for ticket sales and Wibiya for social interaction.

Transformation Media Trust

This website was designed using WordPress and a 960gs-based theme. I designed the theme from scratch for simplicity of white, gray, blue and lines. The purpose of the website is too inform the stakeholders of the Bangladesh radio station about the station’s improvements and plans.

Union County Patriots

This site was designed for a Tea Party community in Union County, North Carolina. They wanted a patriotic theme and I designed it from scratch, using a barebones theme. I searched for a large scan of the US Constitution and used several passes in Photoshop to make it look old like parchment paper. It was a science for me to layout the website so that the constitution stayed at the top while the background parchment paper repeated in the background. You can see this if you zoom out of the page within the web browser. It took me about a month to put this entire design together and add some of the content, while consulting with the clients. I’m satisfied with this design’s outcome.

www.ucpatriots.us—Website expired in 2012 and about May 2011, Mike Maxson, author of If The Souls Could Speak, purchased a copy of this theme for his website which was then simplified by Jimmy Honsinger of BlueToneMedia.com.

If you’re interested in purchasing this WordPress theme (from 2009) for your website as-is with no technical support offered as part of the deal, then continue reading. If you need additional support, then please read my home page.

Please read the Sales Agreement within the theme after you’ve purchased it. Buy the UCPatriots2009 theme from PayPal here. This is a non-refundable purchase. If you experience a problem downloading the file, please contact me with your Unique Transaction ID that you received from PayPal, your email address, and the item you tried to download.