Michael Arnold Productions

Business site design for Michael Arnold. November 2011

Built with Google Sites.

Michael Arnold is an actor, director, writer and producer who lives in Vancouver, Canada. He has also worked for a long time in South Korea.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts his point-of-view videos from his walks in South Korea and Vancouver.

Paul and Grace Closius

Paul and Grace needed a website for their supporters because their original design had expired. I was able to pull most of the content from Google and we updated it together. The site is built with Google Sites. Extended the width of the orange banner and used a globe map from a web location.

El Shaddai Ministries International, Inc.

The previous design was not made with WordPress but by another designer in PHP only. ESMI wanted to keep the same layout and colors. I simplified it so that the site wasn’t dependent on a lot of images for the backgrounds.


Buddy Boy Candy

My first retro-art design for a 1940s style. Started with the WordPress TwentyEleven Theme, changed the name and modified/built-on the current code to design a new site for Buddy Boy Candy store located in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Created the header image from iStockPhoto selections. Built in to the parent theme is the adaptive code of Responsive Web Design, which allows the site to adapt to screens for a desktop, iPad or mobile device; which I’ve tweaked for best view.

www.buddyboycandy.com — This website expired in May 2014.

Warriors and Warbirds 2011 Air Show

Out with the old, in with the new. WordPress TwentyEleven Black-style Theme replaces my first custom design for the Warriors and Warbirds’ 2009 Air Show appearance. A few tweaks to the new theme and a different/simpler way of laying out the content. A lot of rearranging of old content took place in the implementation of this theme. Airplane header image from local photographer, Bob Waterhouse. EventBrite is embedded for ticket sales.

www.warriorsandwarbirds.com—As of November 2012, this website’s content was moved to a new, outsourced designer (became city contracted, up-for-bid site) and was assigned the new domain name of www.warbirdsovermonroe.com and it’s new show name, Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show, while the original domain at first was tied to a new WordPress site at that time and most recently in 2014, it points to a Wix website.

Louise Derr – Bible Science Books for Children

Louise Derr is an author of three books.

Designed with WordPress 3.1, Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, extra PHP coding for a dynamic homepage. In this project, I “raised the bar” and met the goals set for myself.

portfolio-Louise Derr-home
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Books single with video
Books single with video

Lynchburg Regional Airshow

A WordPress design for site and blog. Using EventBrite for ticket sales and Wibiya for social interaction.

Leon and Sally Winter

Leon and Sally Winter needed a website for their supporters. Originally, they had it designed in basic HTML and hosted on a free server. That service failed, so I recommended Google Sites to them. I moved everything over to Google Sites for them and we worked through the extra tweaks after the transfer was done.


Transformation Media Trust

This website was designed using WordPress and a 960gs-based theme. I designed the theme from scratch for simplicity of white, gray, blue and lines. The purpose of the website is too inform the stakeholders of the Bangladesh radio station about the station’s improvements and plans.