Entertaining Static Site Generators

There are two static site generators that have caught my imagination: Jekyll and Hugo. Jekyll keeps getting better and can be hosted on GitHub Pages. GitHub made Jekyll. Hugo does well with large sites that need faster build generation of their pages, it’s more customizable for links and widgets, it can check for newly-edited files and generate only them, and the theme can be separated from the code like WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for a long time and I’m passionate about that but lately the idea of self-hosting it weighs heavy on my current budget. Continue reading “Entertaining Static Site Generators”

Design wishlist

There are many tutorials for the items I want to learn. Usually I learn when doing a personal project because I’m challenging myself there and when I’m building a new site for a client. Here’s my design wishlist of projects to learn.:

  • docked navigation
  • CSS3 animations
  • Parallax scrolling
  • typography mashups

How do you advertise yourself?

I couldn’t have landed The Mosquito Authority job without the help of Jesus Christ and the many prayers from friends and family. Before this particular job, I had been struggling for two years to find consistent work, month to month. These days, I’m humbled to give an answer to the most often asked question, “How do you advertise yourself?” Matter of fact, I don‘t advertise anymore. I put aside time in the morning to read the Bible, pray and remind myself, out loud, that I‘m nothing without Jesus and that I cannot make it through the day without his help.

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My process for design conceptualization

I met a new client at the end of July 2014 and only now in mid-September 2014, after lots of back and forth, primarily getting content from them, lots of looking for design inspiration and lots of praying for a good design, it’s finally coming together. Tomorrow, I meet with them to go over the inspiration I’ve found and talk about the lawn care business aspects. Praying that that will bring about a full-circle splash of colors and a renewed confidence in what I’ll have for them at the end. I’m all about doing my best for the client and not copping out for a cheap template design.

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Web Design Tools and Methods for WordPress

HTML/CSS and some manipulation of PHP and jQuery are the “languages” that I use to design WordPress themes. When I started as a theme designer, I tried Adobe Dreamweaver in CS4 but it was just uncomfortable so then after trying several editors, I got a good discount on Panic’s Coda and I haven’t moved away from it. For me, it’s what allows me to hand code. I know about Sublime Text and tried it but I’m accustomed to Coda for now.

HTML/CSS, I’d say that I know 90% of it but with jQuery and PHP, I still need the internet to figure out how solve my challenges. I enjoy running into those “problems” that need to be fixed and researching how to do it. I learn so much.

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Bookmark This Page

I needed a simple script that would work across many browsers to bookmark a page. This works in Desktop browsers. This script is borrowed from http://www.hostingfanatic.com/webdev/add-to-bookmarks-javascript/ where more can be read about it.