How to override Facebook and LinkedIn’s cache

ogimageIn case you don’t know, both Facebook and LinkedIn hold the contents of the site link that you send them for a week before they purge that and look for new content in that link.

I had a WordPress site I was working with and using Open Graph Meta Tags’ og:image to get the post’s Featured Image but that wasn’t working so I switched the header code to look for the first image in the post and that worked.

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How to pick your best clients

handshakeoutYou need clients to provide you with an outlet for creative design and they need you for their business to grow. When I first started, I just wanted to work for someone and get it done. As I went through several contacts, I realized that I needed to focus more on who they were and what their business was about. I put my foot down and said to myself, this is most important before we discuss business.

Before you choose your clients, you need to figure who you are first. What are your expectations in life? What do you aspire to be? Who do you role model after? How do you want to be treated? Do you want to be loved or scorned?

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