macOS Absence

It’s been a month since I realized my second Apple computer was not going to survive. A word of advice; after reading many forums, Apple-owned community feedback sites, and my own experiences; don’t purchase an Apple computer that was made between 2009 and 2014, because they’ll all die within two years or less of a Logic Board and/or GPU failure. If you did not get an Apple care warranty with it, then you are doing yourself a disfavor. And someone else informed me that you can also obtain an insurance policy to cover it longer than Apple’s with an insurance company even the same that handles your vehicle. Continue reading “macOS Absence”

Web Design Tools and Methods for WordPress

HTML/CSS and some manipulation of PHP and jQuery are the “languages” that I use to design WordPress themes. When I started as a theme designer, I tried Adobe Dreamweaver in CS4 but it was just uncomfortable so then after trying several editors, I got a good discount on Panic’s Coda and I haven’t moved away from it. For me, it’s what allows me to hand code. I know about Sublime Text and tried it but I’m accustomed to Coda for now.

HTML/CSS, I’d say that I know 90% of it but with jQuery and PHP, I still need the internet to figure out how solve my challenges. I enjoy running into those “problems” that need to be fixed and researching how to do it. I learn so much.

Continue reading “Web Design Tools and Methods for WordPress”