Creating a Facebook Page for your website

Starting a Facebook Page (Page) is a big responsibility. It’s easy to start. It must be kept updated consistently. You’ve just created your website and to bring traffic to it, you use a Page to get the word out only on that social network. Most people will Like your page but later, unless they have bookmarked the Page or changed the Page’s Follow from Default to “See First” they will not see your new posts on that Page. Continue reading “Creating a Facebook Page for your website”

Stepping back

In the early days of my exploration of the webs, I signed up for a lot of Web 2.0 Beta tests and social media sites. Today, after a year or more of thinking this through, I deactivated my Facebook account. Not only Facebook but Instagram, Foursquare and a few others. As one person has described it, it can be a time-suck. What are my main points for stepping back?

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Bookmark This Page

I needed a simple script that would work across many browsers to bookmark a page. This works in Desktop browsers. This script is borrowed from where more can be read about it.


How to override Facebook and LinkedIn’s cache

ogimageIn case you don’t know, both Facebook and LinkedIn hold the contents of the site link that you send them for a week before they purge that and look for new content in that link.

I had a WordPress site I was working with and using Open Graph Meta Tags’ og:image to get the post’s Featured Image but that wasn’t working so I switched the header code to look for the first image in the post and that worked.

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