How do you advertise yourself?

I couldn’t have landed The Mosquito Authority job without the help of Jesus Christ and the many prayers from friends and family. Before this particular job, I had been struggling for two years to find consistent work, month to month. These days, I’m humbled to give an answer to the most often asked question, “How do you advertise yourself?” Matter of fact, I don‘t advertise anymore. I put aside time in the morning to read the Bible, pray and remind myself, out loud, that I‘m nothing without Jesus and that I cannot make it through the day without his help.

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Why should I have a blog?

whyshouldihaveablogSearch Engine Optimization
You provide keywords in your posts that search engines are looking for. They look through the web when someone uses Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine to find the words the seeker is looking for.

Be an Authority Figure
When you write about your passions on a website, that shows your latest projects for example, you become a person that readers can trust because you are writing about your passions, showing

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I need a domain name

Hand grabbing domain name sign

A major key to ranking high on a search engine is all about the domain name. Have you chosen the right domain name? Think like your customers, what are they looking for to find you. Think back to the beginning when you were sitting in front of the internet for the first time trying to find something you really needed. You used simple keywords. That’s where your mind needs to be when you choose a domain name.

Here’s my personal experience. I’m looking for work as a WordPress designer (designing themes) and I live near Charlotte. When I looked at Indeed for work, I was always putting in ‘graphic designer’, ‘web designer’ or ‘WordPress designer’ and I was looking for those jobs in/near Charlotte.

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