macOS Absence

It’s been a month since I realized my second Apple computer was not going to survive. A word of advice; after reading many forums, Apple-owned community feedback sites, and my own experiences; don’t purchase an Apple computer that was made between 2009 and 2014, because they’ll all die within two years or less of a Logic Board and/or GPU failure. If you did not get an Apple care warranty with it, then you are doing yourself a disfavor. And someone else informed me that you can also obtain an insurance policy to cover it longer than Apple’s with an insurance company even the same that handles your vehicle. Continue reading “macOS Absence”

How to pick your best clients

handshakeoutYou need clients to provide you with an outlet for creative design and they need you for their business to grow. When I first started, I just wanted to work for someone and get it done. As I went through several contacts, I realized that I needed to focus more on who they were and what their business was about. I put my foot down and said to myself, this is most important before we discuss business.

Before you choose your clients, you need to figure who you are first. What are your expectations in life? What do you aspire to be? Who do you role model after? How do you want to be treated? Do you want to be loved or scorned?

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