The iPhone redesign that saved Apple’s falling stock

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines as a designer and watching as Apple created its first iPhone, then its next, and its next. Technically, it has changed but in design, hardly. If I were visually impaired, I would see the iPhone as not having changed much over time. Sure, it has gone from square to round edges and a better camera, but where has it not? Continue reading “The iPhone redesign that saved Apple’s falling stock”


It felt like the right time to go out to the shop. I vacuumed all the cobwebs around the outside of the door, inside on the walls and ceilings. I sucked some of the dirt and shavings. I used a brush attachment and cleaned off the lathe. With the shop broom, I cleaned off the sidewalk.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

As they may say. It’s been a year and I have people asking me if I’m still doing it. To which I’ve said, “No, not for the last year gone by.” Photography has been a new growing interest but it’s not replacing woodturning at all. Here’s all my photography in one place: – I post at least two new photos per week. I’m also on Google Plus and Facebook. Some of my photos are available for sale as a download and you’ll see the links per image.

The question of returning to woodturning is “when?” and “sooner than later” is my response.