Entertaining Static Site Generators

There are two static site generators that have caught my imagination: Jekyll and Hugo. Jekyll keeps getting better and can be hosted on GitHub Pages. GitHub made Jekyll. Hugo does well with large sites that need faster build generation of their pages, it’s more customizable for links and widgets, it can check for newly-edited files and generate only them, and the theme can be separated from the code like WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for a long time and I’m passionate about that but lately the idea of self-hosting it weighs heavy on my current budget. Continue reading “Entertaining Static Site Generators”

How To Get Started Troubleshooting G Suite Email Routing

These are steps I take when troubleshooting a G Suite (Google Apps previously) email sending issue. At first, ten plus years ago, a Google Apps account could be set up for free for up to 50 users, then it became a paid solution, and SPAM became more of a problem so the setup process moved from an easy setup to learning everything about email routing and servers. Continue reading “How To Get Started Troubleshooting G Suite Email Routing”

Photography—It’s Irritating

Stay with me, photography as a hobby or a profession can be lots of fun. I enjoy the time I spend with other photographers or by myself out there in nature. Taking photo tours locally with them and discovering new scenes. How is it irritating you might wonder, well here’s my reason for bringing this to your attention. I’m using that word’s definition to rid the mediocre in me. Continue reading “Photography—It’s Irritating”

macOS Absence

It’s been a month since I realized my second Apple computer was not going to survive. A word of advice; after reading many forums, Apple-owned community feedback sites, and my own experiences; don’t purchase an Apple computer that was made between 2009 and 2014, because they’ll all die within two years or less of a Logic Board and/or GPU failure. If you did not get an Apple care warranty with it, then you are doing yourself a disfavor. And someone else informed me that you can also obtain an insurance policy to cover it longer than Apple’s with an insurance company even the same that handles your vehicle. Continue reading “macOS Absence”