Mixing it up

I keep feeling a need to write out my thoughts. To get them out in the open and just discuss for anyone to follow and make comments if they want.

My life, even though it seems simplistic to most around me, it’s very complicated. Meaning I tend to think [too] much about stuff and this appears like I’m worrying over it. I’m very analytical and it’s hard to turn off.

How did you get interested in Korea?

When I quit truck driving, I was surfing on YouTube and found my first Asian drama, It Started with a Kiss, in Taiwanese. Then after awhile I found that I really liked watching Korean dramas. After that, I found two online sites for connecting with people who wanted to learn English. I focused just on making Korean friends.

I started thinking about learning the language some based on the prodding of my English “students.” I bought a study book and two dictionaries and started to read. At that time, a man from Korea, started working at JAARS and my friend, John Gieske, introduced me to him. Where upon I started to meet once per week with him for lessons and even to take him to several of the local Korean restaurants. Now he is back in Korea and we keep in touch and I still go to eat at one of the cheapest of the three Korean restaurants, PePeRo.

Why I’m learning Korean

Listening to Korean

I’ve been listening to groups of Koreans speaking for almost 12 months now. So, lately, I’ve been more and more annoyed that I haven’t been pushing myself to learn. I have so many resources at my fingertips.

Why learn?

I see learning Korean as another challenge to pick up and run with. I don’t tend to master my challenges when learning languages but learn enough to get around and carry on a good conversation.

What did I start with and where am I now

When I first started, I purchased a book and two dictionaries. But nowadays, I mostly listen in on Korean conversations when I’m enjoying a Korean meal at the small restaurant. I also watch alot of Korean dramas, though I’ve drifted from that in the last month. My next interest is following along at http://talktomeinkorean.com.

Korean dramas

I used to watch dramas without taking note and I watched alot of dramas so I’d forget which ones I did watch. So I started keeping a list of what I watched and then a friend of mine wanted to watch one and I wasn’t able to recommend something to him, that wouldn’t offend him. So I started to rate the dramas I watched by using the American TV ratings or writing from the perspective of a parent who didn’t want their young ones seeing something bad. I say that I rate them from innocent eyes. I do my best.

On this link which I started in 2007, you can also see movies I have watched (though I don’t have everything from my entire life), links to sites that host links, my favorite actors and actresses, and a total count from each sheet.

A hand rest


Today, Memorial Day, I went on a day hike in the light to moderately heavy rain which poured down on my bare shoulders as I walked the trail. We got to the top and the rain stopped. Despite the rain, there were several other hikers and even some rock climbers.

On my way home in my friend’s car, a lady in the front seat was sleeping with the seat up, so I crossed my legs and laid her seat back so she could be more relaxed. Later in the hour drive, she moved her head from laying on the left side of her face to trying to hold it face up, but her head kept loosing the strength. I logically thought she needed a head rest, so I anchored my left hand to the seat and cupped her head, mostly hair and the top of her left ear. Still asleep, a slight smile spread across her face and after a few seconds, disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. She relaxed her neck muscles and I felt the combined heat between my palm and her head.

After a while, I gazed off into the rain clouds and the downpour of heavy rain, while praying for our safety on the flooded road top and for visibility. I forgot about my hand’s position except to re-adjust it every time I felt it slipping or a bump in the road which would have made her head rock back and forth, which I would alter the direction of the thrust to reduce the rocking motion of the “head rest.”

I wasn’t counting. We must have traveled for thirty minutes before arriving at our final destination.

A white shimmer in the rain droplet

Within the last three months I’ve had a lot of sad feelings. Not from depression, but from loneliness. An idea struck me today, while I was being bothered with it.

pray for your future wife

I thought that’s really odd, but there’s nothing bad about praying so I gave it a try. Weird, the loneliness feeling left me so quickly.

Was it, in the end, that I was praying for my own self rather indirectly….

Art poem


3 February 2003 – Literature Based Research

Thou art one of many flowers in the field.

Thou shinest with immense beauty
and art a dove among many pigeons.

I wouldst give my heart and life
to lie beside you in the vast valley of roses.

To serve you with devout passion
and grace your body with the many
colors of pedals from the roses of the valley.

I wouldst be proud to be thou husband and friend.