December 9, 2016
18NOV2016 – Pendleton, South Carolina

I woke earlier than usual. You see, I’m accustomed to working late hours as a custom WordPress theme designer and I find that I function better, as a coder, at those later hours of the day. I was up at 5:30 a.m. and on my way to rendezvous with Hutch. FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterEmailWhatsAppMore

October 25, 2016
macOS Absence

It’s been a month since I realized my second Apple computer was not going to survive. A word of advice; after reading many forums, Apple-owned community feedback sites, and my own experiences; don’t purchase an Apple computer that was made between 2009 and 2014, because they’ll all die within two years or less of a …

October 21, 2016
HDR Processing on Linux

This morning, I learned that the software experience I’ve had on Mac can also be found on Ubuntu MATE (pronounced mah-TAE) with HDR photography using open source LuminanceHDR and DarkTable. Popular Photomatix (HDR Tone Mapper) has a license just for Linux. It’s free except for Photomatix’s paid license. FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterEmailWhatsAppMore

October 2, 2016
Past adventures of a Woodturner

It’s been a full year since I ventured into the extended shed that my Dad and I built for my woodturning adventure. I enjoyed building it with him. I was excited to start a year of woodturning but then I got sick for a whole three months and I found myself intrigued more by landscape photography. …

Creating a Facebook Page for your website

Starting a Facebook Page (Page) is a big responsibility. It’s easy to start. It must be kept updated consistently. You’ve just created your website and to bring traffic to it, you use a Page to get the word out only on that social network. Most people will Like your page but later, unless they have …

The iPhone redesign that saved Apple’s falling stock

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines as a designer and watching as Apple created its first iPhone, then its next, and its next. Technically, it has changed but in design, hardly. If I were visually impaired, I would see the iPhone as not having changed much over time. Sure, it has gone from square to …

January 13, 2016

I felt like writing something today as I went to check the mail. I hadn’t written visually in a while and this came to mind after a hot shower. It’s not much but I was able to pull this emotional feeling from a friend’s passing last year. FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitterEmailWhatsAppMore