Creating a Facebook Page for your website

Starting a Facebook Page (Page) is a big responsibility. It’s easy to start. It must be kept updated consistently. You’ve just created your website and to bring traffic to it, you use a Page to get the word out only on that social network. Most people will Like your page but later, unless they have bookmarked the Page or changed the Page’s Follow from Default to “See First” they will not see your new posts on that Page. Continue reading “Creating a Facebook Page for your website”

The iPhone redesign that saved Apple’s falling stock

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines as a designer and watching as Apple created its first iPhone, then its next, and its next. Technically, it has changed but in design, hardly. If I were visually impaired, I would see the iPhone as not having changed much over time. Sure, it has gone from square to round edges and a better camera, but where has it not? Continue reading “The iPhone redesign that saved Apple’s falling stock”