Warriors and Warbirds 2011 Air Show

Out with the old, in with the new. WordPress TwentyEleven Black-style Theme replaces my first custom design for the Warriors and Warbirds’ 2009 Air Show appearance. A few tweaks to the new theme and a different/simpler way of laying out the content. A lot of rearranging of old content took place in the implementation of this theme. Airplane header image from local photographer, Bob Waterhouse. EventBrite is embedded for ticket sales.

www.warriorsandwarbirds.com—As of November 2012, this website’s content was moved to a new, outsourced designer (became city contracted, up-for-bid site) and was assigned the new domain name of www.warbirdsovermonroe.com and it’s new show name, Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show, while the original domain at first was tied to a new WordPress site at that time and most recently in 2014, it points to a Wix website.